A Very Special Thank You!

We thank all our supporters who have contributed so generously since our 1st Puppies & Pooches on Parade in 2015! We have become a new Woodstock summer tradition, and now we are Virtual!!!


This is a new platform for us to share pictures and stories of your wonderful dogs  during the year!

Puppies and Pooches

Thank You Sponsors!

Bar Harbor Bank
Charleston House
The Daily Catch restaurant
Danforth Pewter
Eyes on Elm
Farmhouse Pottery
Ferro Jewelers
Finnie Trimpi, Artist @ Maddhen Studio
Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic
Kritter Krunchies

Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society
506 On The River Inn
Red Wagon / 37 Central
South Woodstock Country Store
Simon Pearce
The Valley News
Vermont Flannel
The Vermont Standard
Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals
Woodstock Beverage
Woodstock Chamber of Commerce
Woodstock Community TV
Woodstock Farmers Market
Woodstock Hardware
Woodstock Insurance
Woodstock Inn
Yankee Bookshop

Thank You Donors (near and far)!

Ann Johnston
Myrna & Dick Brooks
Margaret Edwards
Deb Hart-Klein
Gail Stickney
Greta Zeitlin
Jennifer Falvey
Jill Helmer
Joanna Garbisch
June Reilly
Matt Friedman & Gail Smith
Molly McDermott
Anne McCornick
Gary Horsman
Katharine Mears
Katharine Fraser of Houston
Kathy Kjerulff
Carole & Joe Kashner
Liz Fraser of NYC
Lois Deenihan of Montclair, NJ
Louise Schwebel
Lucille and Mike McCarthy
Mary Costella
Maureen Murphy of Cape Cod
Paula Audsley
Amy McElroy
Kirstin Clark
Ron Miller
Pamela Fraser
Peggy Fraser
Pamela Gerstmayr
Roland Moore of Islamorada, Florida
Susan Robertson
Suzanne Wooten
Thomas Liguori of Poway California
Willa Nohl
Susan Leventov

Thank You Teammates!

Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers who make it all happen year after year!

Paula Audsley
Sherry Belisle
Dave Bloch
Carolyn Braznell
Phyllis Bulmer
Margaret Edwards
Jennifer Falvey
David Fraser
Pamela Fraser
Peggy Fraser
Kathy & Rick Fiske
Joanna Garbisch

Pam Gerstmayr
Dolores & John Gilbert
Jill Hastings
Jill Helmer
Gary Horsman
Yarra Hallowell
Carole & Joe Kashner
Kathy Kjerulff
Lois Loiimer
Neil Macsoud
Chris Mangini

Pat Mattson
Lucille & Mike McCarthy
Anne McCormick
Roland & Truett Moore
Susan Neuberg
June Reilly
Susan Robertson
Louise Schwebel
Gail Stickney
Suzanne Wooten
Greta Zeitlin

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